Jungle Camping – Do’s and Don’ts

Do's and Don’ts in camping


Planing an adventure, or want to do something different, exciting and out of the way for fun? Then jungle camping is the one for you. A day and night surrounded by greenery, wild aroma, rustic environment and breathtaking views of jungle wildlife will all be waiting for you.


A new place to visit is something very interesting and enjoying however, some precautions are necessary to thoroughly enjoy the excursion.


Here in this blog, you will find some important tips if you are planning a jungle camping adventure.


The first step is whether you are planning camping with any travel group or individual, also if planning individually, how many number of members will be included. After deciding on this step it will be easy for you to deal with the further course.


The second step is collecting and carrying the most essential things like:


Pocket knife, first aid kit, tent, navigation tool, fire starter and extinguisher, water filter, dry food packets, rain jacket and signalling equipment.


These are the most basic things that can even save your life in emergencies. Preparing shelter, enough food and clean drinking water are the three stands for basic survival in the wilderness.


Jungle camping

A new place to visit is something very interesting and enjoying however, some precautions are necessary to thoroughly enjoy the excursion.


Do’s and don’ts


  • Do carry the list of the things mentioned above, however tough you are, you ought to need these things while camping in the jungle.
  • Do check the camping area beforehand if possible. This will give you an idea of the surrounding, and help you to know the place.
  • Do not reach the camping site after sunset, plan in advance and reach the area before nightfall this will allow you to set up the camp properly and without haste. If tent formation is new for you go through the instructions properly.
  • Carry enough half-prepared food, this will save you time before dinner as you will only have to cook or barbeque, also this can be a great space saver as you need not carry all the spices or other items with you. And still, you can enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Do not leave your food unattended, remember there are lots of uninvited guest in the jungle who will be more than happy to consume your dinner even before you!
  • Do mentions about your jungle campaigning to someone back in the city, if possible give a copy of your itinerary? This will be useful if you need some sort of emergency help.
  • Do check if pets are allowed by the camping authorities, you can only bring your four-legged friends only if the policy allows them.
  • Do not litter around, keep the area clean.
  • The most important one – do extinguish the fire completely after the use, remember you are in the jungle and one small lethargy can cost a lot. Clean the place of fire with extreme caution.


These were some tips which can help you in making your jungle camping trip an adventurous fun. We are sure that these tips might be useful to you in order to make your camping adventure memorable.


Happy camping!

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