Must See Festivals All Around The World

Must See Festivals All Around The World


Festival has always been part of humans from its primitive years. Without the festival our life would feel boring and meaningless. Festivals are the occasional doses of happiness which breathe life in our otherwise dull lifestyle. There are many festivals which are celebrated every year throughout the world. Each festival has a unique tradition. Here listed below are the few festivals must-see list across the world.


Carnival of Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)


Carnival of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil

(Carnival of Rio De Janeiro)


There are only a handful of people who have not heard about this festival, and there is a reason for it. It is one of the biggest and most colourful festivals to be celebrated. Every year it attracts millions of people from different parts of the world due to its popularity.  This religious festival is celebrated between February and March. The place is filled with people in colourful costumes according to the annual theme of the year. There is also a parade and competitions are held for winning prizes.


La Tomatina (Spain)


La Tomatina in Spain

(La Tomatina)


This festival is full of fun and lots of tomatoes. It is one of the oldest festivals and is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. Thousands of people visit Spain to take part in this food fight. But due to lack of accommodation, the official limiting of people participating in the festival has been decreased to 20000 people only. So make sure that you are on the list if you want to experience this food fight festival.




Coachella at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California

(Coachella at the Empire Polo Club in Indio)


If you are a music lover, you do not need to look further than the Coachella festival. It has gained huge popularity in recent times. Tons of music celebrity could be spotted at the festival .so if you like indie, rock or hip hop music; this is the place to be. Make sure you get tickets beforehand; otherwise, you might have to miss this fun festival.




The Insanity of Holi Festival in India

(Holi Festival in India)


This is one of the most loved festivals in India and Nepal. Holi is loved equally by both young and old. People throw colourful dyes and balloons at each other. It is also popularly known as the festival of colours and is celebrated in spring. It signifies the win of good over evil. This festival is something you should never give a miss if you want to experience something out of the world.


Lantern Festival


Lantern Festival in Thailand

(Lantern Festival)


The sight of the sky is something to behold during the lantern festival. This festival is celebrated in Taiwan and is the biggest lantern festivals to be celebrated across the world. It is a traditional festival where people launch thousand of the lantern in intricate design and sizes into the sky. There are laser shows in the sky. The night is lit with beautiful bright colours. This is the festival you would want to visit over and over again.


After reading the festivals mentioned above, you would want to visit and experience these festival first hand that is celebrated all across the world. So start planning for all the must-see festivals all around the world with your loved ones.

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