Myths of travelling that could be ruled out with Good Planning

Travelling Myths

Good planning is very essential when you want to travel with style and comfort and also save money. But with time so many myths have emerged regarding travelling, that you might get confused regarding what to believe and what not to believe. It is time that you put these common myths about travelling far away from you and with good planning, plan a trip that would help you create memories. Here are some of the myths that you should never pay heed to.


  • Travelling is Expensive: This is one of the most common yet the most useless myth. Everything costs money and nothing is free. But that does not mean that travelling is expensive. There are so many tour operators and in fact, planning effectively helps you make the best out of it.


Just by highlighting expensive hotels and advertising luxury tours does not mean that the whole place is expensive and you cannot afford it. There are various hotels, boutique hotels, motels and guest houses or inns where you could stay for the duration of your trip.


You do not need a trust fund to go and visit the place you love. Everything has a solution. Travelling now has become so easy and inexpensive that some people travel more than once a year.


  • Hitchhiking Considered Unsafe: People consider that hitchhiking is the most dangerous form of travel. You meet wonderful people when you go for hitchhiking and that too without wasting money. As the hitchhikers are locals they would be able to help you locate good hotels and quality food restaurants nearby.


Thus break the image that hitchhiking is a dangerous thing to do. But yes always be sure with whom you are travelling and use your good judgment. It saves you a lot of money when you are travelling on a budget.


  • Travelling Considered Dangerous for Women: There is no discrimination regarding gender when it comes to facing danger on the road. Nowadays many tour operators help women plan their solo trip or an all women group trip.


But there are some factors that are extra hazardous for women but that does not mean that they cannot travel without male companion if they are being careful. Good planning means safety when you are on the road.


  • Being Guests at a Stranger’s Place: When you are thinking about a budget-friendly trip, always spending on hotels is not a great option, if they are expensive ones. People regard Couchsurfing or staying as a guest in someone’s home as a dangerous thing. But everybody is not a psychotic killer as they show on the movies.


It helps you save a lot of money. But yes you should be aware of whom you are staying with. Many people take a small amount of money and provide you with bed and breakfast at their home. Do not judge hospitality. It is not always dangerous and just thinks that if you stay with a family, you would not feel lonely also.


Do not believe in these myths and explore the world on your own terms and plan in advance.

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