Unique restaurants around the world

If you are in search of something delectable, mouthwatering, very enjoyable food along with exquisite, delightful and uncommon way of dinning you are about to read a perfect informative piece. Delicious food with a mind-blowing view and a breathtaking scenic beauty are like a divine match made in heaven, difficult to find and hard to resist.


Here in this article, you will find the most extraordinary places around the world, where you can enjoy this divine match of mouthwatering food with impressive views.


The Maldives is known for its beaches; however, the most unique restaurant of a six course meal waits for you to take once in a lifetime experience. You will need to wear a wet suit to reach the restaurant, once you reach these sixteen feet underwater resort then there is no stopping. Six courses of the exclusive and a bit expensive food plate will be served while you indulged yourself in an astonishing under water sea life.


Underwater Resort in Maldives

The Maldives unique restaurant


If you love ice and cold and are not a beach or water person then a tour to Finland is a must. There is this amazing restaurant where all the other things are made up of ice! Yes, that’s right, glasses, the bowls, the plates, even tables and chairs are of ice. The entire restaurant is made up of ice which is rebuilt every winter. The only concern here is to finish off the food fast or else obviously the food will get cold. However, the food is so delicious that it won’t be a problem.


Amazing restaurant in Finland

Amazing restaurant in Finland made up of ice


Dinner in the sky, or floating feeling while dining is not for light-hearted people, but if you love heights you have to visit the restaurant in Bangkok. This restaurant is built on the top of the tallest sky scrapper. The restaurant has an elongated deck as if you are sailing in the sky. The food itself is no doubt delicious; however, having it with the astonishing view is an unforgettable experience.


Imagine being strapped to the chair while eating dinner, weird isn’t it? No! If you are in Belgium, you can experience this unique trend do strapping dinners to the chair. The restaurant is like a big lift which is lifted to 150 meters, an oval shaped structure with a chef in between serving hot food to the dinners who are strapped to the chairs. Once everyone settles the structure is lifted and then the meal is served.


Want something weirder, like dining in pitch dark restaurant? You have to visit China; there is a restaurant where you cannot actually even see your food while you eat. All the cubicles in the restaurant are so black and dark that you need the help of servers and attendants’ to reach your seat. Though the food is mouthwatering delicious you will need your senses like smell and taste buds to enjoy the food. No mobile phones or flashlights are allowed in restaurants for the guest.


These were the list of some unique restaurants in the world where delicious food and breathtaking views await for you!

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